Duncan Hamilton
649 Morgan Avenue, Studio 4G8
Brooklyn, NY11222
TEL +1 917 318 0638



The Uses of Literacy is the working name of designer and publisher Duncan Hamilton.

As the UOL Duncan publishes journals and books under the Trinity and Decathlon imprints and has participated in lectures and on panels at the Tate Gallery, CCA Glasgow and the Youth Salon in Zagreb, Croatia. He has also organised art projects and exhibitions for the Arts council of England, Frieze Art Fair, Cubitt Gallery in London and the Liverpool Biennial. Until recently Duncan was the creative director of Urban Outfitters.

Duncan is a full time faculty member in the Communication Design Department at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

This website acts as a filing cabinet of images, texts, resources and ideas gathered together from 1999 to the present. Everything is linked in some way and there is intentionally no hierarchy of importance between the various entries. The Uses of Literacy is also the title of a book written by Richard Hoggart in 1957....



COPYLEFT ALL WRONGS RESERVED. Take a look around. If you find anything useful on this site by all means copy it and use it. You have the freedom to; use and study the work / copy and share the work with others / modify the work / distribute modified and therefore derivative work.



I occasionally conduct creative workshops about independent publishing, how to run a small press with digital duplicators and how to make simple books and pamphlets. I also give slide talks about a range of subjects that I find interesting (for example the Shah of Iran's period of exile in Panama). If you would like to contact me specifically to discuss duplicators (Riso and Ricoh) email me with 'duplicator' in the subject line and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like me to come and visit your agency/institution/gallery here are some things you should know:

1. The smaller the group the better. I want everyone involved to be allocated enough time to receive critical feedback and have the opportunity to participate in discussions. A maximum of 10 people per workshop is recommended.

2. 2. Creative Workshops are for anyone, in any design discipline, position, profession, company or institute. Anyone who is interested in making books is welcome.

3. For slideshows I basically require a darkened room, a microphone and an anxious and hostile audience.